This is the connection out of several souls into the a strong like to the abolishment from separateness

Marriage ‘s the connection of two divinities one a third might be created in the world. It’s one highest unity and therefore joins the newest independent unities inside both spirits. Simple fact is that fantastic ring in a sequence whose delivery is actually a peek, and you will whoever finish was Eternity. It’s the absolute rain you to drops out of an unblemished sky in order to fructify and you may bless the latest industries out of divine Nature. Kahlil Gibran Words of one’s Master

Simply how much much more exciting can be your love than wines, and also the fragrance of your scent than any spice

Started accept myself, and become my personal love, And we will newer and more effective delights prove Out of golden sands, and you will amazingly brooks, Having silken lines, and you may gold hooks. John Donne The latest Lure

Like was diligent, like is actually form

An engineering marvel was a happiness forever: Its loveliness expands; it can never Violation toward nothingness; but still keeps A bower silent for us, and you may a bed Laden with sweet ambitions. John Keats Endymion

Hatred paralyzes lives; like releases they. Hatred confuses life; like harmonizes it. Hatred darkens lifetime; like illumines they. Martin Luther King, Jr.

It doesn’t jealousy, it will not feature, this isn’t pleased. It is not rude, this isn’t thinking-trying, this is not with ease angered, it keeps zero listing regarding wrongs. Like will not enjoy evil but rejoices for the facts. It always covers, always trusts, constantly expectations, constantly perseveres. Like never ever fails. The latest Bible 1 Corinthians thirteen. 4-8

For which you wade I’m able to go, and for which you stand I could sit. The people will be my personal people along with your God my personal Jesus. In which you pass away I will die, there I will be tucked. Could possibly get the father deal with me, whether it’s very severely, in the event that certainly not passing sets apart you and me. The fresh new Bible Ruth 1. 16-17

Set me for example a great close more your cardio, for example a great secure on your case; for like is really as strong as demise, the jealousy unyielding because the grave. It injury instance glaring fire, for example a mighty flame. Many waters never satisfy love; rivers don’t tidy it aside. If a person would be to provide most of the useful his house to have love, it would be utterly scorned. The new Bible Tune regarding Solomon

Assist your kiss me with the kisses off his throat- for your like is far more delightful than wines. Brand new Bible Track away from Solomon

Two can be better than one to, while they have a good go back for their work: If one falls down, his pal can help him right up. But pity the person just who drops and has now nobody so you’re able to help your up! Including, if a couple of lie down along with her, they will remain enjoying. But how is one able to remain enjoying alone? Even when it’s possible to end up being overpowered, a couple can be protect themselves. A wire away from about three strands isn’t quickly busted. The fresh Bible Ecclesiastes cuatro Exactly what better material will there be for two individual souls, rather than think he or she is entered for lifetime – to bolster each other throughout labour, to help you rest on every most other in most sorrow, to minister to each other in most soreness, is you to definitely collectively during the quiet unspeakable recollections in the when of your own last separating? George Eliot Adam Bede

Whenever two people is actually one out of its inmost hearts, They shatter possibly the stamina regarding iron otherwise from bronze. Incase two people understand both within inmost hearts, Its words is nice and you can good, such as the scent regarding orchids. We Ching When Two people Has reached You to definitely Both you and We Enjoys much love, This Burns off including a flame, In which we cook a lump regarding clay Shaped on the an effective contour people And you can a figure away from me. Up coming we need they both, And you may crack him or her with the parts, And you can mix brand new parts which have liquid, And you may mold once again a fact people, And you will a statistic away from me personally. I’m on your clay. You’re in my personal clay. In life i display just one quilt. Inside dying we will express an individual coffin. Kuan Tao-Sheng Hitched Love