At the same time, brand new party begins to get ugly as the Meredith initiate assaulting that have a fellow titled Brian

It turns out one Brian ‘s the Council’s scientific examiner – the guy which renders every vampire deaths disappear. He could be including Meredith’s old boyfriend, hence and make their “she is psycho” statements towards a beneficial Doc Decrease hunt practical. Alaric still really wants to activate new mans pearly whites.

Which Founders’ Group is obviously the spot to stay city, once the second visitor are Stefan. The newest vengeful vampire holds an enormous blade (easily discovered beside the hors d’oeuvres) and you will brains upstairs only as time passes so you’re able to stab a hybrid. Alas, there’s absolutely no heart treatment this time around, due to Damon’s interference.

Damon actually completely not in favor of Stefan’s methods, far to Elena’s amaze

At the same time, Elena and you may Matt has actually lack booze and are generally looking having Caroline to enable them to all the go homeward. It are not able to select the birthday girl. But Stefan finds out them. Easily slamming aside Matt, Stefan grabs Elena and you will drives out with her.

Elena are 1st chill toward kidnapping, however, she will get distinctly reduced cool when Stefan helps make a number of calls (which is illegal!), can make several risks and you will nourishes Elena his bloodstream. It looks the plan would be to drive away from a link – a similar bridge one slain Elena’s moms and dads – to show the woman towards a vampire. Because this do deprive Klaus of the bloodstream necessary for even more hybrids, it’s a not bad danger.

It truly does work. While the Stefan and you may Elena rates toward boundary, Klaus instantly caverns, promising to find the hybrids out-of Mystical Falls. This makes Stefan happy. Elena, less. She and you may Stefan yell at each most other to have some time, up until Stefan declares (again) it is more than and you may drives aside.

Happy Birthday Caroline…Klaus turns up on Forbes domestic, where Matt has brought a hallucinating Caroline. Hopeless, Sheriff Forbes was willing to ask this new vampire in to the. Klaus finds a birthday celebration lady who is now one another depressed and dying and you may, all of a sudden, merely would like to cheer this lady upwards. He points out that not growing old would-be types of enjoyable – just what with this big, broad business as well as – and you may nourishes their his data recovery bloodstream.

When Caroline wakes up are, the woman is most of the greatest. And you can this lady has something special! It is a wristband – means prettier versus you to off Tyler – out of Klaus.

Bittersweet GoodbyesDamon have stepped Elena home, as well as stop thereon fateful Gilbert porch to talk. However, Damon is even method better than Stefan, compelling several other delicate second.

Like StinksIn the fresh new ebony birthday celebration trees, Tyler announces one Klaus cannot handle your when it comes to Caroline and you will shows it with a hug

Sadly, in advance of we could rating a hug, Elena protests you to for example a hobby wouldn’t be best. Damon corrects the woman: “It is correct. Its not nowadays.” In which he leaves.

Also making? Jeremy. He or she is rather smiling about it, even in the event Bonnie comes up so that him go (and also to glare from the Elena a few more).

Cheerfulness is, not, shed towards the everybody. Alaric thoughts in order to their favourite place on club. The guy match Meredith, in addition they bond more go out-consuming. Elena, at the same time, dates back to the bridge and you will meets Matt. Elena points out one to she actually is maybe not their which almost passed away truth be told there with her moms and dads, however, she misses you to lady. Matt believes she’ll become Ok and will be offering a short eulogy to own carefree Elena.

Uh Oh…As the Vampire Diaries couldn’t possibly end to the such as for instance a pleasurable notice, we have been treated to a single a great deal more scene on the woods. Sheriff Forbes provides entitled in the Damon to get into a body. Just this time around, it isn’t an excellent vampire that is accountable for the demise – Brian the medical examiner might have been murdered.