Is intercourse with chewable pills best for your needs? Discuss Sildenafil & Tadalafil choices having a provider today that is online!

Discuss Sildenafil & Tadalafil choices by having an online provider today!

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Beginning at $20/Month

Sildenafil could be the ingredient in ViagraTadalafil could be the active component in Cialis

Is intercourse with chewable tablets best for your needs? Discuss Sildenafil & Tadalafil choices with a provider today that is online!

Discuss Sildenafil & Tadalafil options having a provider today that is online!

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Sildenafil could be the active component in Viagra.Tadalafil may be the ingredient in Cialis.


    100% United States Licensed Medical Providers approved Consultation for Sildenafil or Tadalafil* pro ED-focused medical help No waiting spaces, no appointments 30/45 MG Sildenafil or 6/9 MG Tadalafil Chewable Tablets

*A prescription is only going to be written if deemed appropriate following the electronic assessment by the licensed provider that is medical.


All plans consist of electronic provider consult, Rx-only chewable pills and support that is medical.

*A prescription is only going to be written if deemed appropriate following the digital consultation by the licensed medical provider

Essential Security Information

Usually do not take Sildenafil (sildenafil citrate) or Tadalafil if you simply take medicine containing nitrates or guanylate cyclase stimulators for pulmonary high blood pressure since this might lead to an unsafe fall in blood pressure levels or you are sensitive to sildenafil, tadalafil or any components in a choice of medicine. Discuss your wellness together with your medical practitioner to make certain you are healthier sufficient for intercourse. In the event that you experience chest pain, dizziness, or sickness during intercourse, look for instant help that is medical. Sildenafil and Tadalafil may cause serious negative effects. Find out more.



BlueChew can be a portal that is online connects prospective clients with providers to treat erection dysfunction. BlueChew solely acts males whom cant tolerate commercially available pills, usually do not wish an in-person physician’s see, and wish to have an elevated possibility of more powerful erections. When you have a difficult time swallowing pills, you aren’t alone. As much as 40percent of People in america have actually the issue that is same

The chewable treatments offered through the BlueChew portal are compounded remedies maybe not separately approved by the Food And Drug Administration within the form that is chewable. But, they normally use exactly the same ingredients (Sildenafil & Tadalafil) found in the Food And Drug Administration authorized medicines Viagra and Cialis. The tablets that are chewable by the BlueChew-affiliated doctors are compounded for patients by state licensed compounding pharmacies when the commercially available choices aren’t viable for the client.

BlueChew provides a number of plans offering Sildenafil 30 mg or 45 mg chewables and Tadalafil 6 mg or 9 mg chewables. Plans begin at $20 per month plus shipping & taxation. You will see the plan that is available here bluechew/plans.

Tadalafil stays when you look at the human anatomy much much longer, so long as 36 hours in many instances, and so has an extended screen of opportunity. Sildenafil, nonetheless, features a faster four- to six-hour time frame that is active. For males that are looking in order to have sexual intercourse at any time, Tadalafil may be the higher option. Tadalafil may also be taken daily. Sildenafil is recommended to be used as required. This could be a significantly better option for folks who are trying to prepare an occasion that is special.

BLUECHEW just isn’t available in united states of america regions, internationally, or in the after States: North Dakota and sc

BLUECHEW is actually for specific men older than 18 in the us who’ve been identified for ED with a licensed physician and whom hop over to this site want a heightened possibility of more powerful and longer-lasting erections.

In the event that you ordered Sildenafil or Tadalafil, nonetheless it did not exercise perfectly for your needs, please allow our BlueChew-affiliated medical team understand and they’ll review your chart to see if another therapy is recommended. You’ll touch base through talk, e-mail (support@bluechew), or log to your BLUECHEW account, visit your the ARRANGE tab and click “Switch methods”. This may inform the medical group of one’s demand.

Our BLUECHEW affiliated providers will compose your prescription if clinically appropriate after conclusion of the medical profile and consultation that is digital.

Prescription treatments can never be refunded or returned. If a mistake took place please touch base to support@bluechew or by talk on our site.

Your information that is medical is personal and protected. Our servers are HIPAA compliant. For further details please read our Privacy & Legal or our Terms & Conditions.

Quality client care and prescription remedies don’t need to be inconvenient or costly. BLUECHEW is just an ongoing solution that produces having the therapy you may need feasible from the absolute comfort of your house at affordable costs. No doctor visit that is in-person. No waiting for appointments. No more awkwardness.